Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Podcast Eight

Sharing my love of When Animals Attack! Seeing the stupid get punished is a rare and intense pleasure that I hope you partake of as well.

Many many thanks to Jerry for the technical info and linkage allowing me to get these things sorted out for MP3 downloadability (if I may coin a word). Let me know if this site works for you and getting the audio to players and through iTunes.

Podcast Seven

Yet another post about the annoying Pascal's Wager, but this time it's a question for the IDiots and Goddidit crowd.

Podcast Six

Straight, gay, lesbian, dwarf...who cares. Just get yourself a civil union and shut the fuck up about it.

Podcast Five

How to talk to and deal with Woo-Believers the best way I know how. Does not involve rolled up newspaper or time-outs.

Podcast Four

This is a list of my predictions for 2008. Let's keep track and see how I do against the douchebags who steal money professionally. That's right, I'm talkin' to you, "Psychic" Nikki. What a tremendous cow.

Podcast Three

A brief discussion about the difference between good and bad ignorance. Here's a hint: it's not the amount of salsa verde it comes with.

Podcast Two

I cover an analogy of the anthropic principle and offer a short comment on the whole Mike Huckabee/Mitt Romney kafuffle.

Quick aside: please try to use the word "kafuffle" as often as possible. It's a great word.

Podcast One

The first, the introduction of the golden voiced Heathen. Click the title to enjoy.